Bréf til Borgfirðinga frá landslagsarkitektanema sem er á leiðinni í fjörðinn

Við vorum beðin um að koma þessu bréfi hingað inn frá Louise Cerveny sem er að vinna lokaverkefni sitt í landslagsarkitektúr í tengslum við Borgarfjörð. Vonandi taka allir henni vel og aðstoða við framvindu verksins.
January 9th, 2014.

Dear residents of Borgarfjorður-eystri,   
Happy New Year from Canada. My name is Louise Cerveny and I am a graduate student at the Universite de Montreal, School of Landscape Architecture (Urban Design), Montreal, Canada. I had the pleasure of visiting Borgarfjorður-eystri for the first time in 2012, during our second trip to Iceland. Our Icelandic friends were adamant that our tour of the east coast would include, “one of the most beautiful places in Iceland.” This experience stayed with me and provided me with the place and topic for my master’s thesis project.

My thesis project focuses on the planning and design of a series of inter-related urban design features for the village that include, a community gathering space that will meet the needs of large groups of visitors (Bræðslan) and year-round local community gatherings and a “gateway”, entrance feature /marker for the village. The project will make references to the natural beauty and cultural heritage of your beautiful town. It is your input and knowledge that is essential to make the project a success.

I will be in Borgarfjorður-eystri from January 24 to February 2, 2014 to begin the community consultation process. I will be interviewing as many residents that would like to participate from January 26th to January 30, visiting the school and then holding a community workshop on January 30 or 31st, whichever date is convenient for the most number of participants. Also, as part of the university regulations for projects involving public participation, your written consent is required to allow me to use information provided by you and related to the project during the interviews and workshop. Consent forms will be provided. 

I look forward to meeting with you and discussing all aspects of the community that are important to you including the planning, and physical aspects of the town and region, the heritage, culture, history, folklore, economy and environment. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating in the interviews, and or workshop, or can provide any information or ideas or requests prior to my arrival.
Best regards, 
Louise Cerveny
MAP Candidate
Universite de Montreal, Montreal, QC Canada or